AGU 2015

Come see what we’ve been up to!

Monday Dec 14:

PP14A-01: Spatiotemporal Variability in the Salinity-Oxygen Isotope Relationship of Seawater Across the Tropical Pacific Ocean 16:00-16:15

PP14A-02: Precipitation and Seawater Isotopic Variability from Hawaii to the equator: the 2014-2015 ENSO cycle 16:15-16:30

PP14A-03: Amount Effect, Altitude, and Moisture Source Influences on Precipitation Isotopic Variability in the Galápagos Islands 16:30-16:45

Tuesday Dec 15:

A23M-05: The importance of ENSO Nonlinearities in Tropical Pacific Response to External Forcing 14:40-14:55

PP22A-01: Water Isotope Tracers of Indo-Pacific Atmospheric Circulation: A Modern Take on Past Dynamics 10:20-10:35