Wednesday, October 9 | Thursday, October 10

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9:00-11:45 AM  (Levis)

Etoki Performance and Keynote Address 1

Introductory Remarks: Yoshida Masaharu, Consul General of Japan; Abbas Benmamoun, Director, School of Languages, Cultures, & Linguistics; David Price, Head, Department of Religion; Gary Xu, Head, Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures

9:15: Visual-Didactic Preaching Performance:

Bagawa Tōru, Buddhist monk: “The Episode ‘Sacred Teachings in the Entrails of Honkōbō’ (本向房腹籠もりの聖教) in the Illustrated Biography of Master Rennyo”

Hisano Toshihiko (Tōyō U.): “The Formation and Activity of Etoki (Narrating Pictures), using the examples of the Etoki at Karukayadō on Kōyasan and at Saikōji in Nagano”

Discussant: Elizabeth Oyler (UI, EALC), Megan McLaughlin (UI, History)

10:50: Intermission

11-Noon: Keynote Address 1:

Haruo Shirane (Columbia U.): “Japanese Performing Arts, Demons, and The Pacification of Angry Spirits”

Noon-1:00 pm: Lunch for Speakers and Presenters at Timpone’s Restaurant

1:15 pm – 3:15 pm: Session 1 (Levis): “Early and Medieval Religious Ritual and Performance: Between City and Country”

Abe Yasurō (Nagoya U.) “The Mushiboshi-hō’e at Jōhana Betsu-in: An Unveiling Assembly as Urban Buddhist Ritual and Its Performance Arts”

Muraki Jirō (N. Museum of J. History) “Sutra Mounds and Stone Stupas: Creating Sacred Ground in Medieval Society”

Elizabeth Oyler (UI):  “The Apparitional Capital in the Noh Plays Nue and Yorimasa

Chikamoto Kensuke (Tsukuba U.) “Religious Policies and Temple Arts in the Late Ancient Period”

Discussants: Brian Ruppert and Roderick Wilson (UI)

3:15 Intermission

3:30-5:30 PM: Session 2 (Levis): “Japanese Buddhism in East Asia: Research History and Contemporary Issues”

Arami Hiroshi (Hiroshima U.) “The Ten Kings Worship and Prosperous Rituals in China During 9th and 10th century”

Uejima Susumu (Kyoto Prefectural University) “Re-visioning ‘Japanese Buddhism’ in East Asian Buddhist History”

David Quinter (U. Alberta) “Eison and Visual-Liturgical Performance of the Shōtoku Taishi Cult: Localizing and  Delocalizing”

Discussant: Alexander Mayer (UI, Religion), Robert Tierney (UI, EALC, CWL), Anne Burkus-Chasson (UI, Art History)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Keynote Address 2 and Documentary Screening (Levis):

9:30 – 10:30 Keynote Address 2:

Matsuo Kōichi (N. Museum of J. History): “Temple Rituals and Performance, from Ancient to Medieval Times: The Embellishment of Religious Celebrations and Its Transformation”

10:30: Intermission

10:45-11:50: Screening of Abridged Version (Levis): “Divine Dancing (Kagura) to The Chaotic Deities of Hiba: Faith and Countryside” (2012).

Discussant: David Plath (University of Illinois)

Noon-1:10PM: Lunch on-site for all speakers and presenters

1:15-3:15 PM: Session 3 (Levis): “Combinatory Religious Performance”

Furukawa Motoya (Kanagawa Prefectural Museum): “The Development of the Shinkoō Mandara”

Kawasaki Tsuyoshi (Shūjitsu U.) “A Reconstruction of Temporal Space of Sacred Mountains:The Emergence of the Minōdera Engi and Its Aftermath”

Ikumi Kaminishi (Tufts U.) “Michizane and the Buddhas’ Names: Reading the Kitano Tenjin Engi Emaki though the Ritual of Butumyō-e

Abe Mika (Showa Women’s U.) “The Festive Yūzū Dainenbutsu and the Nō Hyakuman : Rituals, Picture Scrolls, and Performance Celebrating the Virtue of the August Reign”

Discussant: Heather Blair (U. Indiana)

3: 15-5:15 PM: Session 4 (Levis): “Medieval Religion and Culture”

Daitō Takaaki (Kokugakuin U.) “Rituals of the Kami and Buddhist Deities, Focusing on the Rite of Chanting Jinmyochō(Lists of Kami)in Yamato Province”

Brian Ruppert (UI) “Sacred works (Shōgyō) and Religious Performance in Late Medieval Japan: The Monk Chō’is Networks and Ninnaji Liturgical Practice”

Michael Jamentz (Kyoto U.) “Penitence in Poetry: A Buddhist Justification of a Literary Art as Seen in a Mid-13th Fugen Kōshiki

Discussant: Elizabeth Oyler (UI)