Tricia Mullin, Granada, May 27, 2013

We loaded the buses in Masaya at 6:30 in the morning and headed to Granada for our last small animal clinic day.  The clinic site in Granada had tight quarters, which brought many challenges.  Instead of having a community building, one of the local families graciously offered their home for our team to use. Their home was converted into our clinic with surgery and recovery stationed in the family room and intake on their front porch.

Even though the conditions were less than ideal, the team had a successful day which consisted of 47 patients being treated and 12 surgeries performed.  Today Emily, a 3rd year veterinary student at Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada, and I were paired and together we treated 6 consultations and assisted with 3 surgeries, 2 canine spays and 1 feline spay. Our last patient was a 4 year old male mixed breed dog that had a very large transmissible venereal tumor. With our best efforts we attempted to relay the importance of neutering to his owner due to his venereal tumor, but unfortunately his beliefs, like many of the people of Nicaragua, were against castrating his pet.

After all the patients were treated we headed to the Best Western hotel in Granada. We were all excited because this was our first hotel with a swimming pool! After a quick swim the entire vet team including the doctors headed to the town center to have dinner together.  There was one last stop for gelato before calling it a night.