Tricia Mullin, Free day in Masaya, May 26, 2013

Today was our free day which we spent in Masaya.  The veterinary, medical and dental teams loaded the buses at 8:30 am and headed off to our canopy tour. When we arrived we were immediately fitted by the guides with our gear and headed to our first line. After brief safety instructions we were ready to begin our adventure which included 11 zip lines and lasted 2 hours. We started off timid, but by the end of the tour we were doing the zip lines upside down and in the “superman” position. The canopy tour was exhilarating and the scenery was magnificent while on the lines.  We then went to the Lago lookout point which was awe-inspiring, had lunch and shopped for souvenirs and gifts to remember our trip.  We continued to the market in Masaya where we did more shopping. The market sold a variety of goods such as paintings, clothing, hammocks, jewelry and food which resulted in too many purchases.  Once we were done at the market we headed back to our homestay to get ready for the farewell dinner with all of the host families. Mamma Elizabeth, our host mom while in Masaya, prepared a small meal for us along with a small dish to bring to the party to share. The farewell party brought all of the host families, VIDA staff and all the volunteers together to celebrate our time in Masaya. Before the party was over we were able to exchange gifts with Mamma Elizabeth which we brought from home as a thank you for so generously opening her home to us.