Policy on International Veterinary Students Application for Rotations

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine offers externships to students in clinical specialties for students in their final year of a veterinary degree.

Applications will be reviewed as received.  The applicant will be notified of acceptance within 30 days of receiving their application.  Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

1. The student is currently enrolled in a veterinary degree program and is in the final year of that program.

2. Academic ability and relevant experience evidenced by curriculum vitae

3. The student must agree to a minimum 2 week rotation or a maximum 6 week rotation, the dates of which must be aligned with our teaching program. Students will not be accepted during the Fall semester.

4. Student placements at the UIUC CVM Teaching Hospital may be in
a.general small animal medicine, referral small animal medicine, oncology, small animal anaesthesia or small animal surgery or a combination of any two of these options.
b. equine medicine or surgery
c. food animal medicine
d. zoo and wildlife medicine
e. dermatology
f. opthalmology
g.emergency medicine and critical care (small animals)

The number of positions available each year and the outcome of individual applications are based upon ensuring sufficient educational opportunities for the internal veterinary student program.

5. Relevant unit of study coordinators within the UIUC CVM in consultation with the Hospital Director will determine the outcome of such applications

6. The student is responsible for all travel, insurance, and accommodation expenses.

All decisions regarding the outcome of these applications by academic staff are final.

Students wishing to apply should submit a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, insurance details, passport information, and letter from the  Office of the Dean confirming enrolment status to Dr. Margarethe Hoenig (mhoenig@illinois.edu )

The application needs to be received no later than 90 days before the anticipated starting date of the externship. Once an applicant has been accepted, the following forms need to be filled out and emailed or faxed to the appropriate contact person.