Madoka McAllister, Costa Rica, May 26, 2012

Today was our second clinic day in Grano de Oro. We woke up early and were at the clinic by 8:00 AM after eating a hearty breakfast of pinto (rice and beans), fresh pineapple, papaya and toast. There were even more people waiting for us at the clinic when we got there, which was a little intimidating, but we were excited to make the most of our last small animal clinic day in Grano de Oro and on the trip. We had a busy day with lots of consults and surgeries.

Personally, Victoria and I saw six animals: one dog spay, one cat neuter and four dog consults. Overall, our clinic saw a total of 36 animals, with 15 of those animals getting spayed or neutered and the other 21 being consults. Some of the interesting cases included: a German shepherd with a really long nail on one of its feet. The foot pad on that foot had been very swollen for a long time, so the nail couldn’t grow properly and had grown so long it was impeding the movement of that foot. There was one female dog, which had a transmissible venereal tumor that she had been suffering from for six months. She also had several bot flies on her tail. Another dog had a total of 23 bot flies all over her body. It took a long time for the bot flies to all be removed.