Justina Koehler, Leon, Nicaragua 2014

Today was our second day in Leon! We were all starting to get the hang of setting up the clinic after yesterday. A couple of volunteers and I were on surgery set up crew. We were in charge of setting up the surgery tables, emergency drugs, and other surgery materials. The clinic took place at the same school we went to on clinic day one. My partner was Julia, a pre-vet student. I really enjoyed being paired up with pre-vet students so that I was able to teach them. Julia and I started out with a surgery. She was the surgeon and I monitored anesthesia. She did great with her physical exam, catheter placement, and intubating the dog. She also did awesome with the surgery as well! I was a little worried to be doing anesthesia, in my opinion it is the scariest part of surgery. In the end our dog did very well! I felt more confident with monitoring anesthesia after that.

Nicaragua2014D12.1After our surgery, the day slowed down a bit.  The community the clinic was in is a fairly new location so we did not have as many patients as the latter clinics. Those of us who were not doing a surgery or consult, sat with one of the vets, Dr. Faran, and discussed emergency drugs. It was really interesting to hear his perspective on veterinary medicine and also really great that he wanted to learn from us as well. My last patient of the day was a kitten with which  I helped Kristin. He was the cutest little peanut. We examined him, trimmed his nails, dewormed him, cleaned his ears and eyes, and put some Frontline on him. After lunch, we went on large animal calls. We visited a few farms with pigs. They each got injections of vitamins and ivermectin. After our farm calls, we returned to the clinic site. By that time, it was time to pack up and head back to the hotel. Our clinic day ended with a little boy blaring his music and dancing in his doorway right next to the clinic location. He gave us all a good laugh and two of the volunteers even decided to join him.

~Justina Koehler