Jessica Kielb, Leon, Nicaragua , May 22, 2013

This was our last day to make a difference in Goyena, Nicaragua. We woke up early and had breakfast as usual and then headed off to our clinic site. When we arrived we could see a long line of people waiting for the medical team to arrive and a large group of animals and owners waiting for us! We quickly set up our clinic and got to work seeing patients. The patients were non-stop and the surgery patients were coming in quickly! It was truly amazing to see how word of mouth spread throughout the community. It was apparent that those that brought their pets to us the two days before were telling their friends and family about our clinic. This made me feel like we truly were making a difference not only in the lives of the animals, but also in the minds of their owners. All day we were hard at work performing physical exams, prepping for surgery, spaying or neutering and then recovering them from surgery. We saw a lot of dogs that were infested with ticks and fleas. We combatted this by applying flea prevention and deworming every patient. We also saw some complicated cases that required us to make some difficult decisions, but they were great learning experiences.


Our last three patients in Goyena, Nicaragua!


One of our patients in Goyena, Nicaragua!





One difficult case that I was working on was a 5 year old dog that came in for a spay. During the physical exam everything was normal so we proceeded to the surgery. Once we began the surgery it was very apparent something was not right. We started to see fluid in her abdomen and she had a very distended uterus. As Dr. Jasson explored further he found that she had pyometra and her uterus had ruptured. This was a devastating finding for us. Dr. Jasson explained that because of the limited supplies that we had it was unlikely we would be able to save her. He estimated the rupture had occurred a few days prior due to the appearance of compromised organs and the presence of peritonitis. After discussing our options we determined it was unlikely she would be able to recover from the surgery. Dr. Jasson spoke with the owner and they both decided euthanasia was the most humane treatment for her. It was very sad to have to do this, but I know that if she would not have come to our clinic she would have suffered in the days to come.

We were so busy today we ended up having to send three surgeries away because we did not have enough time! It was crazy to see the transformation that occurred in just one day. We ended up seeing a total of 15 surgeries and 35 consultations! We were all very happy with the difference we made in Goyena and all learned a tremendous amount in the past 3 days. As we headed back to Leόn we were all exhausted. We all managed to find some energy for our first free night out! We headed out to dinner at Barbaro and then to a karaoke bar afterward. We had a great time relaxing, dancing and soaking in the Nicaragua night life!