Jessica Kielb, Leon, Nicaragua, May 21, 2013

We woke up early in the morning and first ate traditional Nicaragua breakfast. Traditional breakfast consisted of rice and beans, eggs and fresh fruit. During breakfast everyone was anxious to start our second clinic day in Goyena, Nicaragua. When we arrived at the clinic site there were already patients lining up at the door. Although, we were only supposed to be seeing small animals today there was even a beautiful horse waiting for us. Setting up for the clinic was even easier now that we had the hang of it. We were able to set up the entire clinic in twenty minutes and then got right to seeing patients! By mid-morning we were not getting as many patients as we had hoped, so a fellow group member took it upon herself to bring in a neuter patient. At our hotel back in Leόn there was an adorable stray dog that lived outside of our hotel. The previous day we had named him Pongo and were spoiling him rotten! To increase our patients for the day and help prevent Pongo from fathering any children, we picked him up and brought him to the clinic! After lunch one of the groups was able to examine, deworm, and neuter Pongo. Although Pongo didn’t enjoy the surgery he loved all of the attention and did great recovering. The rest of the day was filled with consultations, surgeries and playing with the children of the town. We all had so much fun to teaching the children how to play Frisbee and I know they had a great time too! At the end of our day our numbers were 6 surgery patients and 28 consultations for the day. We had hoped to see more patients, but this was a great start for the trip and we were able to help a lot of animals! Our ride back to the hotel included Pongo sitting in the front of the charter bus like our mascot! Once we got back to the hotel we cleaned up and headed out to dinner for some traditional Nicaragua dinner. This was the perfect end to a great day!
Illinois Veterinary Students in Goyena, Nicaragua

Pongo post-surgery with some of our fellow group members