Gregory Zuendt, Nicaragua, May 25, 2013

Our second clinic day in Los Flores was similar to our first day. This time, we managed to increase both our surgeries and consultation numbers. The team was able to see forty three consultations and together completed fourteen surgeries. I was able to take part as assistant on one spay and was the anesthesiologist on a neuter, which happened to be a cryptorchid. The weirdest part of the day was having to carry home three patients with another team member. The trip we were told would only be just around the corner but turned into an hour event in which we managed to get ourselves lost in the countryside. The children took us through two different farms and through two separate villages until we got to theirs. Overall, the clinic day was another success as we met our goal again today! We were able to see the difference that we had made within the community in just two short days and it was truly inspiring! That night, we were able to get together as a full group and play soccer. The teams were split up as the vet team versus the medical team and it was a fun time that allowed use to grow together as a giant group but also as a smaller group. Not everything went well this day as our two tour guides had their backpacks stolen from the bus to the night. Overall it was a great day and everyone still had an amazing time making a difference in how the people of los Flores view their pets.