Gregory Zuendt, Nicaragua, May 24, 2013

Today was our first clinic day in Los Flores, a tiny village just outside of Masaya. The village was a bit better off than our previous experiences just outside of Leon. The clinic was based in a small school in the town. 37 patients were brought in for consultations and twelve of them were admitted for surgery. The consultations ranged from just routine deworming of both external and internal parasites to wound cleaning. It was a great experience that allowed me and the rest of the group to be able to practice and hopefully become rather proficient in our physical exam abilities! I got to be involved in three surgeries total today! Two of which I was the assistant on spays and the final one, I was the anesthetist on for a neuter. The day was a great success as we met our goal of patients seen! After the clinic day, we got to participate in the Latin dance class in the evening. The dance class was a great experience but was especially difficult as even though the class took place during the evening, it was still dreadfully warm inside of the building. After the dance class, we were given free time and went and explored Masaya. It was a small city but had a large central park region and was beautiful during the night. The park region contained a smaller market but also had some very interesting attractions, such as a colossal fountain in the middle of the square and two sets of giant ten foot chairs.