Gregory Zuendt, Leon, Nicaragua, May 23, 2013

Today was our first tourist day after having three clinic days!  We had the opportunity to experience a tour of the city of Leon.  The tour started by getting a brief history of the struggles that were involved during the independence and freedom of Nicaragua.  Within one of the parks of the city contained a mural that had detailed pictures of the struggles that the people of Nicaragua had to endure to become who they are today.  Following this we were able to visit the cathedral of Leon.  The cathedral’s original plans were of the cathedral that was supposed to be built in Lima, Peru.  So it is very similar to the cathedral in Peru as they had already completed the majority of construction before realizing that it was the wrong blueprint.   From the roof of the cathedral, we were able to see the whole city and get a sense of the surrounding countryside.  The final stop on the tour was that of a former prison which had been turned into a museum.  The museum allowed us an insight into how political prisoners were treated within Nicaragua and how they could have spent their days.   After the tour had ended, we traveled to Masaya on a three hour bus ride.  Upon arriving in Masaya, we were able to meet our house mother, who we would spend the next four nights with.   She welcomed us with open arms and it was an amazing experience getting to live within the neighborhood instead of just in a hotel.