Ellen Glenn, Granada, May 29, 2013

Today was our last day in Nicaragua before we leave tomorrow, and we had the entire morning to explore Granada.  After a delicious breakfast at the hotel (pancakes!! And the best pineapple I’ve ever had in my life), Lester arranged for us to have horse-drawn carriage tours of the city ($3 for an hour-long tour).  My carriage included Jess, Tricia, and Lauren, and Azureen (one of the Canadian vet students).  Granada is absolutely beautiful—it is my favorite place we’ve been to in Nicaragua.  The colorful buildings and interesting architecture are just stunning.  One of my favorite moments of the carriage ride was seeing three horses run by—on their own, down the street—and then later seeing them grazing in a field they had found.  The areas we visited in Nicaragua were so dry with so very little grass, but these horses found an oasis.  I have no idea where they came from or how they will return to their owner, if they have one, but they looked very content.  This was so different than something you would see in the US, and it was quite charming.

After the carriage ride, we walked around the city of Granada and did some shopping in the marketplace for souvenirs.  We went to lunch with the vet team (el mejor equipo), and Jasson was nice enough to meet us for lunch to say goodbye.  After lunch we had to travel back to Managua to stay at the Hotel Hex near the airport so we would be ready to fly back the next day (at 6 am!).  We had a goodbye dinner featuring Little Caesars Pizza—Lester ordered 28 pizzas for 31 volunteers, so there was plenty to go around—and Emilia even joined us to say goodbye.  It started POURING at night, which was much needed and such a change from what we experienced for our entire trip.  After dinner, the vet team gathered by the pool to spend more time together before it was time to leave.  I feel so lucky to have been with such a fantastic group of people on this trip—we really worked well together and had a great time.  This was such an amazing experience, and I am so glad to have had this wonderful time in Nicaragua!