Ashley Peters, Costa Rica, May 23, 2012

Today was our 3rd day of small animal clinics. We woke up early again, about 6 am and got ready to head to breakfast before leaving for clinics. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant at about 6:45am (delicious Pineapple!) and then loaded up on the bus for the 45 minute drive to our clinic location.

I was paired with Margret today. We started clinics about 8:15am after getting everything set up. Our first patient was a cute little Shepherd mix of some kind that someone had actually found outside our hotel and brought into our clinic. She had Mange and a lot of fleas, as well as abscesses on her back end with bot flies inside. So after we performed her spay we had to help clean up her other problems. We did a few consults after that (nail trimming, ear cleaning, Frontline, de-worming) and then received another puppy for a spay. She was kind of an interesting case because she was only a year old, but had already had puppies. But for some reason did not feed them and so had mastitis, and because of this had to have her spay performed in Left-lateral position. (Because she was still lactating and had mastitis)

After we wrapped clinics up at about 5pm, we had case presentations with the doctors. Everyone presented an interesting or cool case they had encountered during the first 3 days of small animal clinics. We had everything from bot flies, to heart murmurs, to Patella luxations. Then it was back on the bus for another 45 minute drive back to the hotel. After a quick shower we loaded up the bus to head to a local restaurant for dinner. I ordered the chicken fajitas, but learned that when they said tortillas, they meant tortilla chips instead of flour tortillas! And got Pepsi in a bottle. The coke and Pepsi tastes so much better over there! (and comes in the cool glass bottles).

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and packed up our stuff, because tomorrow we headed to a new location. My roommates and I read our books for about half an hour before falling asleep; it had been a LONG but good day. 🙂