Study Abroad


If you are planning on Studying Abroad regardless of receiving FLAS funding, please adhere to normal Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE) deadlines and policies.

Incoming students wishing to study abroad during summer are strongly advised to confer with the FLAS coordinator of the Center to which they are applying as not all Centers allow incoming students to use a summer FLAS for programs outside the United States.

If you plan to study abroad only if you receive FLAS, you must apply to Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE) through a special FLAS Study Abroad application once you are committed to attending your program. This application will become available in early spring. Before you commit to a program, you must work with the FLAS Coordinator from the awarding Center to choose and get approval for a program. The deadlines for submitting your application to IAGE are:

  • May 1st for Summer 2017
  • June 15th for Academic Year 2017/18 and Fall 2017 Study Abroad
  • September 15th for Spring 2017 Study Abroad

Please see the Summer FLAS and Resources page for some suggested programs and information.