Study Abroad


FLAS fellowships can be used to study at Illinois, “away” within the U.S., or abroad.

If you are considering a study away or abroad program, consult with your FLAS coordinator on whether the program meets FLAS requirements, and also with your academic advisor to determine how it relates to your academic schedule and how the credits will fulfill academic requirements.

There are several routes to identifying a study abroad program, including working through the university’s approved study abroad programs, discussing potential programs with your advisor and FLAS coordinator, and searching for programs yourself.

The university’s approved list includes programs with whom our university has agreements. These programs sometimes offer a group experience and are often designed for undergraduate and first experiences abroad.

Students may also be able to identify an appropriate program in consultation with their advisor or FLAS coordinator.

With either route, both the university and the U.S. Department of Education will need to approve your program. Students may submit a petition through their home college study abroad office to get their FLAS-eligible study abroad program approved. FLAS coordinators will submit student programs to the Department of Education for approval.

Identify and reach out to a FLAS coordinator.

Schedule an appointment with your college Study Abroad Office.