Study Abroad


Please be aware that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, UIUC currently does not support any foreign travel or study abroad for its students.  You can monitor any changes to this policy at  Given the continuing uncertainty about the conditions that may exist during the summer of 2022, you are strongly encouraged to develop a domestic alternative to any study abroad plans, should a travel ban still be in effect.  In your FLAS application for summer 2022 and academic year 2022-23, you can specify your plans for both contingencies, with the ban in place and the ban lifted.  The following guidelines outline the process if study abroad again becomes possible:

If you are planning on studying abroad regardless of receiving FLAS funding, please adhere to normal Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE) deadlines and policies or other campus study abroad office procedures.

Incoming students wishing to study abroad during summer are strongly advised to confer with the FLAS coordinator of the Center to which they are applying as not all Centers allow incoming students to use a summer FLAS for programs outside the United States.

Please speak with your Center FLAS Coordinator for information on studying abroad with a FLAS Fellowship.

Please see the Summer FLAS and Resources page for some suggested programs and information.