You submit the FLAS application in two different phases. The first phase involves your personal information and providing the information for your recommenders. The second phase involves choosing your languages and centers, as well as uploading documents. You will not be able to submit the application without filling out the required fields and uploading transcripts and a statement of purpose.

After you submit the first part of your FLAS application and wish to return to work on the rest of your application, your screen will look like this:

This does not mean your application is fully submitted, but means that your letter of recommendation requests have been sent. You can still click on the link under “Complete & Submit” to finish your application.

Once you check the box to submit your application, you will receive an email with the title “FLAS Application Submission Confirmation.” Then you will know your submission process is complete. The title “Complete & Submit” will change to “Reference Document Upload” once you have submitted.



The Summer 2017 & Academic Year 2017/18 FLAS application is now available. Please check the Application page for additional information, instructions, and the online application form. Remember to check out the required supporting documents for the application and contact your recommenders early!




Information Session Presentation

An information session for students interested in applying to FLAS will be held on Monday, November 28th at 4:00pm inĀ 126 iSchool (501 E. Daniel St, Champaign). We will be discussing eligibility and requirements, walking through the application, and answering questions about the application process and the fellowship. FLAS Coordinators from individual Centers will be in attendance and available to the students for questions and discussion.