Finding Joy

              As veterinary students, I’m sure we can all remember times when we have felt like all joy is gone. Worrying about tests, stressing about making decent grades, frustrated with not having motivation to study anymore, and on top of that dealing with the normal stresses that happen regardless of school. Moving past these times can often become a challenge that we don’t feel like facing. We have to face it anyway – with courage and with Jesus by our side in order to accept that, though things may be hard, we can do anything with Him.

              Whenever we are feeling down and out, we can focus on all that the Lord provides for us each and every day. He will help lift us up when we are low, and motivate us when we need to study, and give us peace with our grades. We will be provided with enough of anything we need in the moments we need most – we just have to ask for it. So, pray for the strength, acceptance, motivation, understanding, etc. that you need to get through the hard times, and know that God is right there with you. You got this!!