17 shoeboxes

This year we decided to expand collecting for Operation Christmas Child to the whole school. We wanted to introduce the rest of the school to this awesome organization and give them a chance to bless a child with a shoebox this Christmas. There were stories of “I used to do this with my church back home when I was a kid” and “I always wanted to do something like this but never got around to it.” After 3 days of collecting whole shoeboxes, monetary donations, and donated items (which really turned into 4 days), we had been given:

  • 11 full shoeboxes
  • Enough money to put together another 6 shoeboxes
  • Enough money to add $7 for shipping to all 17 boxes

A total of 17 shoeboxes is what was brought to the collection center yesterday. I never would have thought we would have been able to bless 17 children this Christmas season. ┬áIt just goes to show that God has no boundaries and no limits. Never put Him in a box…

[but it’s ok to put Him in a shoebox]