George Cortina

George attended Boston College and received a degree in Political Science. He also minored in History. George is interested in corporate mergers and acquisitions, government regulations, and technological developments. In his spare time, George enjoys politics, sports, and refurbishing and investing in automobiles.

Derek Franklin

Derek attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received a degree in Journalism and Political Science. He is interested in mergers and acquisitions, corporate taxation, and antitrust law. In his spare time, Derek enjoys playing and watching sports, as well as reading mystery novels.

Colin Mummery

Colin attended the University of North Dakota and received a degree in Economics. He also minored in Aviation Management. He is interested in the aerospace and transportation industries, particularly in emerging transportation solutions and the intersection of technology and transportation. In his spare time, Colin enjoys reading, brewing rare small lot coffee, and actively investing in the stock market.

Sophie Park

Sophie attended UCLA and received a degree in Asian Humanities. She is interested in international law, and mergers and acquisitions. In her spare time, Sophie enjoys jogging, snorkeling, and traveling.

Peter Stanifer

Peter attended Miami University and received a degree in Supply Chain Management and Operations. He is interested in the impact of federal and state regulation on business practices. In his spare time, Peter enjoys supporting local Cincinnati sports teams and following European soccer leagues.

Stuart G. Walker

Stuart attended the University of Utah and received degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. He is interested in technology, corporate law, information security, and insurance law. In his spare time, Stuart enjoys spending time with his fiancée visiting museums and historical sites.

Brittany Wiegand

Brittany attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received a degree in Philosophy and Political Science. She also attended Louisiana State University and received a Master of Arts in Education. She is interested in trademark, emerging technology, and employment discrimination. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys NFL football, coaching middle school cheerleading, and visiting dog parks with her rescue dogs.

Victoria Wojciechowski

Victoria possesses a degree in Writing and Publishing with a minor in Marketing. She is interested in acquisitions and mergers. Victoria enjoys playing the piano and collecting antique typewriters.