TNVR Program

Hello Feline Enthusiasts!
The Springfield campus has a feral cat colony and until recently a local shelter was performing a TNVR program with the school’s support. The campus just recently stopped allowing the program, and this is something we could help address. Alley Cat Allies has an online petition going to reinstate the program and convince the campus to continue allowing TNVR, however there have been a lot of people on social media angry at the vet school for not getting involved. So, let’s be involved with this! Sign the petition so we can reinstate the program and hopefully we would then be able to assist with any TNVR programs in the near future! Debbie has been speaking to Dr. Agapis with regards to this, and should the program be reinstated we might have an opportunity for another spay/neuter event besides Make a Difference Day that would be held within the next couple of weeks. I wanted to share this opportunity with all of you, and while it is not a guarantee it is something to potentially look forward to!