Feline Overpopulation and TNR Lunch Lecture

Feline Club and Shelter Club invite all of Vet Med to attend a lunch lecture on November 30th at noon in LAC100.

Dr. Emily Swiniarski, of Tree House Humane Society in Chicago, will be discussing feral feline overpopulation and current strategies in TNR programs.

Tree House Humane Society is “a cageless, no kill humane organization specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured stray cats”. They are committed to decreasing the feline overpopulation through programs such as low cost spay and neuter and TNR, as well as are nationally recognized experts in feline care and behavior. Currently they sponsor 150 colonies and more than 400 cats throughout Chicago, have sterilized over 6,000 cats since the opening of their BDVM Spay/Neuter Clinic in 2009, and have adopted out over 16,000 stay cats since the facility opened in 1971. They also offer a Pet Food Pantry Program to help those with companion animals that are on a low or fixed income, and help those that have outdoor managed feral cat colonies that practice TNR.

You won’t want to miss this lecture! 🙂

Food will be provided to members that RSVP by November 28th at 5:00pm using the survey below!