First off, congratulations on being accepted into University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine!! ISCAVMA would like to welcome you to the college and the great things it has to offer. Here on this site you will be able to find information about various things concerning your first year of classes. From what to expect in clinics to getting classes started, here’s just a little advice for you here.

There will also be information posted here about your Veterinary Leadership Experience when it becomes available. This is a fabulous day at Lake of the Woods in Mohomet, IL where you will get to meet many of your classmates and professors for the first time and really start to get to know them. It is a stress free and fun environment that you won’t forget!


 -Your first 8 weeks of school you will be in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital working along side fourth year students. You will have 8 one week rotations ranging from orthopedic surgery to primary care, exotic medicine, and farms. You will get a wide variety of experiences and a chance to meet your classmates in a low stress setting. Enjoy clinics while you can because classes will start soon enough.


-Your second eight weeks will be diving into the bookwork. Subjects included in this part of the year are Anatomy, Neurobiology, Histology, Clinical Correlations, and Physiology. One of the hardest things to do is figure out your time management of all of the subjects. Most students will say doing a little bit every night is a good way to stay on top of the material. It adds up fast, so you have to stay on top of it.

-Everyone always asks the best way to study: well you will find there are a lot of different ways people make it through. Some people do better with note cards, others handwriting notes from the classes that day. Other will type out notes from that days work. Just do what works for you, and if you try something and its not working-switch it up. ¬†With histology power points were a big go to: slide with a photo followed by a slide with structures identified. And anatomy….spending time in the lab is probably one of the best ways for most to learn those terms. Make Evans dissection guide your friend and pull up a seat in the lab.

-And remember, if you have questions just ask. All of our teachers are willing to help and clarify their information you just have to ask, sometimes they don’t realize how confusing certain sections of material can be. Also, all of the upperclassmen have been in your shoes and are here to help you if you need it!


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