SAVMA Symposium

 SAVMA Symposium March 21-23 2013
If you are seriously considering going to the Symposium, even if you haven’t registered yet, I need to know by January 7th so I can book the hotel rooms.
The registration opens Dec. 17th thru January 31st. Wetlab and Daytrips are now on a first come, first serve basis. The website is:
ID # is on your SAVMA membership card you received earlier this year. Password is your last name and it is case sensitive.
Please email me ( once you have registered.
After registering, you will need to make a $100 check out to ISCAVMA and please give it directly to Ryan McCann or myself or the envelope that is the ASA office. This should be done ASAP after registering. Please do NOT leave checks in my mailbox!
Pie in the Face – to be done at Vetscapades, selling tickets once we get back to school, highest bidder pies person in face. Money made goes to general fund to split between everyone.
Auction – find items/events you want to auction off, you get the money made off that item. Wild Night Out had many good ideas. I already have 2 auction helpers.
50/50 Raffle – $5 for 1 ticket, $20 for 5 tickets. You keep half of the money you make from what you sell. Let me know if you want to sell tickets over break and I’ll get you tickets.
Hill’s Funding – can get at most $75 dollars for the conference. I will put in one group request, but I need to know if you want the funding.
Staying at the Belle of the Ball Inn in Baton Rouge, with in walking distance of Symposium. Looks to be approx. $100-130/per night. ISCAVMA will book a block of rooms off. Please do not book your own room!
It is your responsibility to get to Baton Rouge (whether coming from New Orleans or Champaign). You can fly in directly and there will be shuttles to take you to the hotel and back if you choose to do that. Or you can obviously drive directly.
Any other questions please feel free to email me as well. Thanks.

Nick Ferrari


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