Illinois Student Chapter of the AVMA (ISCAVMA)

ISCAVMA is a student organization chartered as an affiliate of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). One of our objectives is to promote professionalism and leadership among the students enrolled in veterinary school. We strive to provide opportunities for our members to gain professional knowledge and an understanding of professional ethics and conduct. We also encourage students to access and utilize the many services offered by the American Veterinary Medical Association: avma.org.

ISCAVMA members provide support to the following committees: Courses and Curriculum, Ethics, Discipline, and Hill’s Student Feeding program.  We also coordinate and publish the Tenesmus Times.

Throughout the year, our chapter hosts various service and social events within the college such as the Dr Erwin Small Lecture Series, the fall and spring blood drives, the welcome back party, Vetscapades, the winter Holiday Dance, college clothing sales, and our annual auction to help raise funds for the Student AVMA Symposium.  ISCAVMA also coordinates and distributes class notes for first through third year students. 

ISCAVMA is dedicated to providing U of I vet students with the professional support and information needed to maximize their DVM education and training.

If you have any questions about ISCAVMA or this website, please contact: iscavma@gmail.com

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