President: Krissy Kozak (2018)

Hello! I’m Krissy Kozak, ISCAVMA President. I’m from Homer Glen, IL and graduated undergrad from here at UIUC. I-L-L! I want to pursue becoming a mixed practice veterinarian out in the KY/TN area because it’s beautiful out there! I have a collie named Dex and 2 beta fish named Apop and Omo (named after apoptosis and the omotransversarius muscle, yes I’m a nerd). My favorite hobby is painting my nails with fun designs.

President-Elect: Laura Molinet (2019)

Hey there! I’m Laura Molinet, ISCAVMA President-elect. I was born and raised in Evansville, IN, which is about a three hours southeast of here. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from Purdue University. My ideal future job would be a zoo veterinarian, but I would be happy working with exotics/wildlife in any form! I have many pets that are living back home with my parents, including horses, kitties, and a crazy black lab, but I brought my favorite (don’t tell the others) to school with me. She is a 17 ½ year old border collie mix named Sophie. I got her as my first dog when I was 6! My hobbies include napping, Netflix, and spending time with my geriatric dog.

Vice President and Fundraising Chair: Angela Krmarzick (2018)

My name is Angela Krzmarzick and I am a second year veterinary student. I am originally from Naperville, Illinois but spent the five years in Minneapolis, Minnesota earning a degree in Biology and then working for a few months before entering veterinary school. I am interested in practicing mixed animal or food animal medicine in a rural community someday. Along with being on the ISCAVMA board, I am involved with planning the annual Vetscapades event. I have two cats, Louie (an orange tabby) and Mina (a torti), that demand a lot of my time outside veterinary school.

 Secretary: Brittany Willeford (2018)

I am from Carol Stream, a western suburb of Chicago. I went to undergrad at Elmhurst College, a small private school also located in the suburbs. I am the current secretary for the ISCAVMA executive board. I also serve as the secretary on the Omega Tau Sigma executive board and sit as the chair for pet visitations. Additionally, I am the Class of 2018 AV Tech and representative for the Veterinary Medicine Alumni Association. I am very interested in pursuing a career in wildlife, exotic, zoomed, aquatic, or lab animal medicine after graduation. I am passionate about volunteering outside of school, and I have mastered binge-watching Netflix to procrastinate studying.

Treasurer: Mark Sadler (2018)

Hi y’all, my name is Mark Sadler and I am your new ISCAVMA Treasurer. I am from Harvard, Illinois and attended Auburn University for my undergraduate studies. I am entering my second year of vet school and intend to pursue a career in small animal medicine. I also have an interest in the disciplines of rehabilitation and sports medicine. In addition to acting as your ISCAVMA Treasurer, I hold positions as the Class of 2018 Social Chair as well as the OTS Webmaster.

Treasurer-Elect: Cassie Saufley (2019)

I’m Cassie Saufley, ISCAVMA Treasurer-elect.  I am from Hudson, IL and attended Augustana College in the Quad Cities for undergrad.  I would like to become a mixed animal practitioner or potentially become boarded theriogenology. I enjoy playing softball, reading, riding horses, and watching Netflix in my spare time or I should say when I’m procrastinating. I currently live with my betta fish, Sam, but I plan on getting a puppy this summer!

Philanthropy Chair: Heather Bernardo (2018)

Hi! I’m Heather Bernardo and I’m the Philanthropy Chair. I’m originally from Laurel, Maryland and graduated from the University of Maryland. I’m interested in public health, laboratory animal medicine, and mixed animal practice. I have a dog named Waffles who I adopted from junior surgery. When I’m not studying (aka procrastinating by binge watching shows on Netflix), I like to draw/paint, craft, and read.

Fundraising Chair: Ana Valbuena (2019)

My name is Ana Valbuena and I was born in Cuba, raised in Nicaragua and Florida. I received my bachelors in Biology at Florida International University. I am interested in small animal medicine and behavior, but I am keeping an open mind. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music from all the decades!


 Webmaster: Jessica Carnes (2018)

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica and I am the webmaster for ISCAVMA. I was born and raised in Kentucky and got my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.  I am interested in working with small animals when I graduate. I hope to also own a clinic at some point. Outside of vet med I spend a lot of time with my wonderful Golden Retriever, Payton and I love to travel. My family has a little hobby farm back in Kentucky and I spend most of my free time there!

 SAVMA Senior Delegate: Maggie Bland (2018)

Hi I’m Maggie Bland and I am a DVM Candidate for the Class of 2018. I am one of two Delegates on the ISCAVMA Executive Board and I serve as a liaison between SAVMA and ISCAVMA.

I am from Orland Park Illinois. I completed my undergraduate degree at Eastern Illinois University in 2013, with a degree in Biology.

I have two cats, Louie and Sassafras; and two dogs Charlie and Tucker.

Right now everything in Veterinary Medicine interests me but I am pursuing a career in Private Practice for companion animals. I am enthusiastic in my education because I want to be able to, one day, provide the best health care for pets while also providing their owners with compassion and empathy.

 SAVMA Junior Delegate: Jeff Hess (2019)

Hi, my name is Jeff Hess, and I’m the SAVMA Jr. delegate. I’m from Buffalo, NY and did my undergrad studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I’ve kept all kinds of reptiles and fish but currently my only animal at home is my pitbull-rotweiller Bumi. In my free time I prefer to be outside hiking, camping, and fishing with my dog. I hope to pursue a career in wildlife/zoo medicine or perhaps working with sled dogs in Alaska.

 Vet Med Senator: Teodora Hristova (2018)

Wood Dale, IL Blackburn College. I would like to become a board certified Anesthesiologist and stay in Academia. I like horseback riding, spending time with family and friends and watching the latest Amazon Prime show. Animals- I have a 13 year old toy yorkie named Bear, a 5 mo old dwarf bunny named Muffin and 4 betas named Mr. Blue, Mulan, Khan, and Mushu.

Class of 2017 Representative: Matthew Shockley

I am from Mechanicsville, Virginia, and I went to undergrad at James Madison University.  I pursued a master’s at Virginia Commonwealth and worked for a vaccine research company a few years after school.  This is the first time I have ever lived anywhere other than Virginia.  I am currently exploring all my options about what I can do as a DVM, but I am interested in infectious disease/epidemiology and the aspect of international travel.

Class of 2018 Representative: Chaney Tambling 

Hi! I’m Chaney Tambling, the ISCAVMA Class of 2018 Student Representative.  I’m originally from Dwight, a small town in central Illinois.  For my undergraduate degree, I went to Augustana College in the Quad Cities.  I plan to be a large animal veterinarian when I’m done with school, in a private practice back home because I have a lot of family that I’m looking forward to living near.  My dog, Marley, is a Yorkie and lives here at school with me.  I enjoy playing sports and just relaxing with my dog in my free time.

Class of 2019 Representative: Jimmy Holtschlag 

Hey there, my name is Jimmy Holtschlag, the Class of 2019 Representative. I hail from the gem city, Quincy, IL. I earned my degree in Agriculture Science at Western Illinois University. My dream job now is to become an orthopedic surgeon/chiropractor, but its only first year so who knows what will happen. I enjoy the outdoors and being able to walk away from the notes. I have a little beagle named Donny, who keeps me sane.

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