ICT/IDOT Executive Committee

The Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT) will promote innovation and progress in transportation through interdisciplinary research in an objective setting.  Through collaboration with academia, Federal Highway Administration, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), and industry, the ICT will concentrate on research that is directed in building and maintaining the safest, most durable, and reliable transportation system in the nation.

Executive Committee Members


Secretary for Program Development – Aaron Weatherholt, Chair

Secretary for Project Implementation – Omer Osman

Director of the Office of Planning and Programming (OPP) – Erin Aleman, Vice Chair

OPP, Bureau of Research (non-voting) – LaDonna Rowden

OPP Bureau of Planning – Vacant (Planning TAG Chair)

Director of the Office of Program Development (OPD) – Priscilla Tobias

OPD, Bureau of Design and Environment – Tom Brooks (Environment TAG Chair)

OPD, Bureau of Safety Engineering and Programs – Paul Lorton (Safety Engineering TAG Chair)

OPD, Bureau of Bridges and Structures – Jayme Schiff (Structures, Hydraulics and Geotechnical TAG Chair)

Director of the Office of Highway Project Implementation (OPHI) – Paul Loete

OHPI, Bureau of Construction – Doug Dirks (Construction TAG Chair)

OHPI, Central Bureau of Materials – Brian Pfeifer (Pavement Design, Materials and Maintenance TAG Chair)

OHPI, Bureau of Operations – Amy Eller (Operations TAG Chair)

Director of the Office of Intermodal Project Implementation (OIPI) – Beth McClusky

OIPI, Bureau of Transit – Chuck Abraham (Public and Intermodal TAG Chair)

Office of Chief Counsel – William Barnes/Phil Kaufmann


Federal Highway Administration (non-voting) – Glenn Fulkerson/Dan Brydl

Illinois Center for Transportation (non-voting) – Imad Al-Qadi


Changes to membership will be made as necessary.