Director’s Welcome

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Imad Al-Qadi

In Illinois, we sit at the transportation crossroads of the nation; a significant percentage of the nation’s goods and people pass through our state every day. This role as a transportation hub to the nation brings many benefits to the state in terms of our economy, employment, mobility, and much, much more, but it also carries responsibilities.

ICT helps ensure that our transportation facilities and systems are kept at peak efficiency. Hence, ICT’s responsibility is to lead the discovery, development, and implementation of solutions that improve transportation safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our role as a premier transportation research center in North America is to address the urgent and evolving transportation needs of the state of Illinois, the country, and the world at large. This leadership has been boosted remarkably by the partnership between IDOT and UIUC, and this relationship allows both organizations to better serve the state and its people, optimize our resources, and achieve distinction at both national and international levels.

The research at ICT is conducted by investigators at UIUC and experts at many other universities as well as research agencies across the country. Please feel free to contact any of our researchers for more information and visit our website regularly for more information on our research and outreach activities.

Imad L. Al-Qadi

Bliss Professor of Engineering at UIUC; Director of ICT and ATREL