HPVM (v0.5) Released

The Illinois LLVM group is excited to announce the open-source release of HPVM (Version 0.5), a compiler infrastructure for heterogeneous parallel systems.

The release is public on GitLab, and it includes the implementation of the IR as well as backends for CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs (using OpenCL). The release requires an installation of LLVM-9, which can be downloaded using our provided install script that automates the process of installing LLVM and patches it with HPVM. In addition, a handful of benchmarks as well as unit tests and regression tests are provided with the release. The vector (AVX) backend that has been described in the PPOPP paper is not provided in the release, as it is still in the process of being ported to LLVM-9.

HPVM can be downloaded from our public GitLab repository. All the necessary instructions on how to install and use HPVM are provided in README files at appropriate places in the repository. HPVM is provided under the Illinois/NCSA Open Source License. Any questions or suggestions can be directed to hpvm-dev@lists.cs.illinois.edu.

The following people have contributed to making this release possible:

  • Vikram Adve (vadve@illinois.edu)
  • Sarita Adve (sadve@illinois.edu)
  • Adel Ejjeh (aejjeh@illinois.edu)
  • Kapil Kanwar (kkanwar2@illinois.edu)
  • Akash Kothari (akashk4@illinois.edu)
  • Maria Kotsifakou (kotsifa2@illinois.edu)
  • Sasa Misailovic (misailo@illinois.edu)
  • Hashim Sharif (hsharif3@illinois.edu)
  • Benjamin Schreiber (bjschre2@illinois.edu)
  • Yifan Zhao (yifanz16@illinois.edu)

This work was sponsored by the DARPA Domain-specific Systems on Chip (DSSOC) program, part of the Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI), under Contract# HR0011-18-C-0122. It was also supported in part by the National Science Foundation Grant CCF 13-02641, the Applications Driving Architectures (ADA) Research Center, a JUMP Center co-sponsored by SRC and DARPA, and the University of Illinois.