Mai Pham (MS in 2009)
Qin Wei Chow (PhD in 2010), PUB Singapore
Ian Bradley (MS in 2011), PhD student with Jeremy Guest
Heather Goetsch (MS in 2011), NYC department of environmental protection
Nicholar Easter (MS in 2011), CH2M Hill
Yuanyuan Liu (PhD in 2012), Postdoctoral Associate, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Leonardo Gutierrez (PhD in 2013), Faculty at Escuela Superior Politécnica Agropecuaria de Manabí
Sahid Rosado (MS in 2013), student in college of education
Annia Vargas (MS in 2013)
Dao Janjaroen (PhD in 2013), Faculty at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Ofelia Romero (PhD in 2014), Stanford University
Nanxi Lu (PhD in 2014), Postdocotoral associate, Northwestern University.