International Partnerships

HCESC engages with a number of international partners for the purposes of starting educational programs in their countries, and bringing programs from Engineering at Illinois to qualified students abroad.

Singapore Delegation Visit, September 14-16, 2015

A visit from a Delegation from the National University of Singapore/National University Hospital, led by Dr. David Tien Min Lai, Cardiac Surgeon, and Director of Surgical R&D of the University Surgical Cluster, coincided with the 2015 Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium.

SIngapore delegation on their visit

The delegation was composed of:

  • Chuen Neng Lee (Professor, Chairman of University Surgical Cluster)
  • David Tien Min Lai (Cardiac Surgeon, Director, Surgical R&D, Dept. of Surgery)
  • Mikael Hartman (Associate Professor, Senior Consultant, Department of Surgery)
  • Kee Yuan Ngiam (Assistant Professor, Consultant, Department of Surgery)
  • Vitaly Sorokin (Assistant Professor, Consultant, Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery)
  • Donny Liang (PhD, Senior Assistant Director (Research), Department of Surgery)

HCESC co-hosted the visit. The guests participated at the HCES Symposium on 09/14, attended the Illinois/NUS workshop on 09/15, met University of Illinois Leaders and visited Institutes, Centers and Laboratories.

On 09/16, they toured Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center tour with Thenkurussi “Kesh” Kesavadas, Director of HCESC.

Brazilian Delegation Visit, October 19-23, 2015

Health Care Engineering Systems Center (HCESC) hosted the visit of a Brazilian Delegation (State of Minas Gerais).

Brazilian Delegation Visit, October 19-23, 2015

They are part of a healthcare organization (hospitals, medical city in Belo Horizonte, medical schools network, healthcare analytics big data matters, etc.).

The purpose of this visit is to start an education program to train graduate students from Brazil in the area of Health care and Bioengineering – to become future lecturers and engineers in Brazil.

UIUC plans to provide a broad range of MS/MEng programs for these students. Qualified students may also apply for doctoral studies.

These institutions have signed a MoU with the University of Illinois (Chancellor, Vice Provost of International Affairs and Global Strategies, Dean on College of Engineering, Director of HCESC.

The delegation was composed of:

The International Medical City in Belo Horizonte – private sector

  • Ricardo Guimaraes, CEO of Eduqualis
  • P Aécio Lira, Vice-President of Academic Affairs (Coordinator of the MoU)

FAPEMIG – Science Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais

  • Evaldo Vilela, President

Hospital Maternidade Therezinha de Jesus NETWORK/Suprema MEDICAL School

  • Thiago  Moraes, Chief Medical Officer

Eye Hospital of Minas Gerais

  • Marcia Guimaraes, Executive Clinical Director