Congratulations Dr. Aleczandria Tiffany!!

Congratulations to Alec for successfully defending her PhD thesis, ‘Mineralized collagen biomaterials for studying bone biology in vitro.’ Alec has been transformative to our group, pushing new scientific inquiries and leading changes in our processes and climate to be more inclusive. She lead studies related to biomolecule delivery for bone regeneration, to study disease processes such as osteosarcoma, and to pioneer new approaches to replicate the growth plate. Her PhD was a tour de force, weaving scientific discoveries with commentaries on white supremacy and a path forward to create a more inclusive academy. Alec is heading north, to begin a Postdoc with Prof. Molly Shoichet at the University of Toronto. We will miss her, but are forever changed by her presence in the group. Congratulations Dr. Tiffany!