SFB 2021: come watch our student presentations!

Marley Dewey – she/her/hers (rapid fire, 3MT): “Antimicrobial drug delivery in infectious diseases” number 302

Vasiliki “Aliki” Kolliopoulos – she/her/hers (oral): “Modifying Mineralized Collagen Scaffolds to Modulate the Inflammatory Response in Craniomaxillofacial Defects and Enhance Bone Regeneration” session: Biomaterials-based strategies for endogenous tissue regeneration – 1

Samantha Zambuto – she/her/hers (oral): “A Gelatin Hydrogel Model of the Endometrium and Trophoblast Invasion” section: Biomaterials for Women’s and Fetal Health

Tori Barnhouse – she/her/hers (rapid fire): “Formation of a Primary Murine Perivascular Model to Study Hematopoietic Stem Cells In Vitro” number 519

Aleczandria Tiffany – she/her/hers (rapid fire): “Bioactive Alterations to Mineralized Collagen Scaffolds to Enhance Craniofacial Bone Repair” number 352

Sara Pedron – she/her/hers (oral): “Bioengineered Tissue Mimetic Hydrogels to Study Brain Tumor BiologyBioengineered Tissue Mimetic Hydrogels to Study Brain Tumor Biology” session: Engineered biomaterials for neural applications – 1