Brendan leads team awarded NSF MRI research award

Dr. Harley is the PI of a new research from the U.S. National Science Foundation entitled, ‘MRI: Acquisition of a 3D bioprinting system to generate composite biomaterials for regenerative medicine.’ This award will allow the Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering research theme at the IGB to acquire an Envison-TEC 3D Bioplotter. This 3D-printer will allow our theme new capabilities to fabricate large, geometrically complex, and cell-laden tissue biomaterials that mimic features of native tissues. Congrats to all involved, specifically all of the senior investigators and Co-PIs who helped make this application possible:  Rashid Bashir, Rohit Bhargava, Iwona Jasiuk, Kris Kilian, Hyun Joon Kong, Ceclia Leal, Larry Schook, Greg Underhill, Amy Wagoner Johnson, and Matt Wheeler!