HarleyLab at #Biomaterials17

This week Brendan, Aidan, Mai, and Bill travel to the 2017 Society for Biomaterials annual meeting. Aidan Gilchrist has a podium presentation, ‘Tunable Biotransport Properties in Gelatin Hydrogels for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Culture,’ Wed 4:30p (#94, rm. 208CD). Mai Ngo has a podium presentation, ‘Impact of VEGF Presentation and Glioblastoma on Vascularization of GelMA,’ Thurs 11:00a (#133, rm 208CD). Bill Grier has a poster, ‘Combinatorial effects of cyclic tensile strain and local biomaterial cues on tendon-bone-junction engineering,’ Fri 2:15-3:45p (#867).