Real-time Local Event Detection in Geo-tagged Tweet Stream

Undergraduate Research Assistant, supervised by Prof J, Han (UIUC, CS)

  • Participated in formalizing and optimizing the novel RLED algorithm.
  • Conducted data preprocessing and entity extraction on geo-tagged real tweets datasets.
  • Reviewed the literation and implemented two baseline algorithms including “Online localized event detection” and “event detection through wavelet-based spatial analysis”.

Paper submitted: RLED

Complexes Detection in Biological Networks via Diversified Dense Subgraphs Mining

Undergraduate Research Assistant, supervised by Prof J, Han (UIUC, CS) & Prof X. Ma (Peking University)

  • Investigated dense graph mining theory and related works in the field of bioinformatics, community search and event detection.
  • Designed the intelligent Diversified Maximal Dense Subgraph (DMDS) mining algorithm to discover cohesive groups in various network: biological network, social network.
  • Implemented DMDS algorithm, conducted experiments and analysis

Paper submitted: DMDS

Text Entity Extraction and Match in semi-supervised learning with constraints

Senior Thesis, supervised by Prof Kevin, Chang (UIUC, CS department)

  • Studied natural language processing theories including Information Extraction, Text Classification Model, and Named Entity Recognizer, with a deep investigation on the state-of-art sequential discriminative probabilistic graphical model: Conditional Random Field.
  • Conducted experiments and analysis by utilizing Stanford Named Entity Recognizer (NER) library.
  • Participated in the designing the automatic constraint-learning 

City-scale transportation system resilience and outlier detection

Undergraduate Research Assistant, supervised by Prof Daniel, Work (UIUC, CEE department)

  • Studied SVD, PCA and SPCA with EM to efficiently do computation on high-dimensional traffic dataset.
  • Wrote Python code to process high volume and dimensional GPS data and generate analysis.
  • Understood the principal of outlier and abnormal event detection based on the diagrams and animations of city traffic dynamic system.