Meeting Program


Download the conference program (PDF) (Final)

April 29 (Friday)

1 pm  (1A)
Sophia Arbeiter (The University of Pittsburgh)

2 pm (1B)
‘The Femme(bot) Fatales, Kyoko and Ava: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Disability in Ex Machina’
Shayna Federico (The George Washington University)

3 pm Keynote
‘Logic and Grand Central Station’
Dr. Graham Priest (The CUNY Graduate Center)

5:10 pm (1C)
‘On the Format of Object Representation: What Icons Can’t Do’
Brian Wermcrantz (The University of Massachusetts Amherst)

April 30 (Saturday)

9 am (2A)
‘Preserving Logical Abductivism Against the Adoption Problem with Logical Constitutivism’
Taylor Dunn (The University of California, Irvine)

10 am (2B)
‘Does Artificial Intelligence Use Private Language?’
Ryan Miller (Université de Genève)

11 am (2C)
‘Graham Priest’s Logical Abductivism and the Threat of the Adoption Problem’
Viviane Fairbank (Concordia University)

12 pm Break

1pm (2D)
‘A New Argument Against Non-Well-Founded Set Theory’
Gabriel Day (The University of Notre Dame)

2 pm (2E)
‘Policing in the Age of Algorithms’
Arjun Sawhney (Queen’s University)

3 pm (2F)
‘Measuring Moral Disengagement’
Michael Milhim (Cornell University)

4 pm (2G)
‘Epistemic Modals are Question Sensitive’
Jonathan Kendrick (The University of Maryland)

5 pm (2H)
‘On Relativizing the Sensitivity Condition to Belief-Formation Methods’
Bin Zhao (The University of California, Irvine)