My name is Dimitrios K. Fytanidis and I am from Thessaloniki, Greece. My research interests are in the general area of Fluid Mechanics and particularly in Computational Fluid Dynamics, with possible Medical, Biomechanical, Environmental or other interdisciplinary applications. In the long term, I hope to pursue research in the aforementioned areas and, possibly, an academic career.

Since 2009, I have participated in various National Funded Research Projects, publishing part of my work in several referred International and National Conferences and Scientific Journals. Although applications of these projects range over several topics, all of them are related to Fluid Mechanics with an emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics. Most of my previous research activity concerns multidisciplinary topics, for which I interacted with scientists from other disciplines in order to study and solve complex phenomena which cover different scientific areas such as:

  • Biomedical Engineering/ Biomechanics
  • Air flow applications (Flow over complex terrain and technical systems such as photovoltaic panels etc.)
  • Flooding waves propagation
  • Organic solid waste stabilization using in-situ aeration systems simulation
  • Fluid-structure interaction applications
  • Fresh concrete rheological behavior simulation

During my years at DUTh, I had a close collaboration with scientists from the areas of: Medicine, Mathematics, Material Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

Below you can find results, abstracts and brief discussion of some of the projects presented above. For a full list of my work please see my Curriculum Vitae.

Phd Student, Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign