Postdoctoral Position Available

Postdoctoral Position – Synthesis of Legacy Field Observations from Windstorms
The Wind Engineering Research Laboratory in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois is inviting applicants for an NSF-funded postdoctoral position synthesizing legacy field observations from windstorms. These observations will include but are not limited to, measurements of both wind and water (e.g., water depth, storm surge) and the impacts left in their wake. Major objectives of the research include:

  • Developing and building a framework for field observations (e.g., event, data type, measurement equipment, during/post-storm, etc…)
  • Populate and organize the framework
  • Characterize and analyze existing legacy field observations
  • Forge new directions for assimilation of field observations in experimental and/or numerical simulations
  • Design of new field experiments to optimize value to the natural hazards research community

A strong background in natural hazards and/or wind/structural engineering is preferred. Position and tasks are designed for one year, with the possibility of a one-year extension. Please contact Prof. Frank Lombardo ( if interested. The position is part of a Mid-Scale Research Infrastructure (MsRI) grant led by Florida International University in support of large-scale wind and water testing facility.

See Flier here: Postdoc_Ad