Exhibits Workshop

The Library Exhibitions Committee wants to give library staff an opportunity to learn best practices in setting up an exhibit by hosting an Exhibits 101 workshop.

Thoughtful design ensures that an exhibit can be understood and enjoyed by a diverse audience, including people with disabilities. Careful selection of exhibit materials and proper use of supports helps protect library materials during exhibit. Topics for the workshop will include:

  • Selection, care and handling of library materials
  • Appropriate use of exhibit supports and props
  • Preservation considerations for exhibit spaces
  • Aesthetics, clarity, and accessibility in exhibit design
  • Resources available to support exhibits throughout the Library

Workshop Materials

The Exhibits 101 Workshop for 2016 has already passed, but you can find the slides and other materials here!

Workshop Slides (PowerPoint Slides, January 2016) – Exhibits 101 Workshop Slides

Exhibit Resources Bibliography (Word File): Exhibit Committee Bibliography

Contact Us
Questions? Contact the Library Exhibits Committee at excom@library.illinois.edu. To schedule an exhibit, fill out this form.