News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Spring 2016

  • On March 16, 2016 from 10 AM-6 PM, the European Union Center will be hosting the Jean Monnet Module “Eastern Europe & EU Integration” Symposium: The Refugee Crisis and the New Right on the European Periphery at the Lucy Ellis Lounge in the Foreign Languages Building.  The Slavic Department, REEEC, and the Department of Sociology will be co-sponsoring the event. The event page can be found here.

Spring 2015

  • From March 12th to March 13th, the European Union Center at the University of Illinois held their Spring 2015 Regional College Faculty Conference entitled “Researching and Teaching the EU: Best Practices and Current Trends in EU Scholarship.” This two day conference brought together faculty from various disciplines and locations. The event included a keynote lecture from Prof. Stefan Jonsson of Linköping University, and it also included various roundatable discussions and lectures.
  • On March 12th, the European Union Center held its Thirteenth Annual European Union Day. This event, covered by the EU Center’s News Website, included a very special State of the European Union Adress from His Excellency Andris Razāns, Ambassador of Latvia to the United States. European Union Day was then followed by the European Union Center’s Spring 2015 Regional College Faculty Conference, and participants in the conference had the opportunity to hear Ambassador Razāns before the conference began. A video of the State of the European Union Address was made available online.


Fall 2014


Spring 2014

  • On February 26th, a Roundtable Panel Discussion was held to disuss the enlargment of the EU in recent years. Panelists included Marijus Gudynas, Consul General of Lithuania in Chicago; Simeon Stoilov, Bulgarian Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago; Robert Rusiecki , Deputy Consul General of Poland in Chicago; and George Predescu, Consul General of Romania. The event was recorded and a written record was presented on both the EU Center’s and the REEEC’s news websites.

Fall 2013