Welcome SURGE Fellows!

The SURGE Fellowship program is for graduate students from under-represented communities in Engineering that have a goal to pursue their doctoral degree.  The SURGE Fellowship is awarded to incoming graduate students and is a 5-year fellowship program.

This fellowship program is run through the Engineering Graduate, Professional and Online Programs Office located in 400 & 401 Engineering Hall.  Questions regarding the fellowship should be directed to either Rhonda McElroy or Kathy Reeves.  Fellows are also welcome to stop by our office at anytime.  Appointments are not necessary.  Office Hours are from 8 to Noon and 1 to 4:30 pm.


The SURGE Fellows website is designed to allow SURGE fellows to network, connect with resources within the college and on campus, receive announcements, and much more!  Please provide us with your feedback on how to enhance this program and site. Thank you!