EGSAC Leadership Positions

The EGSAC Committee has 5 officer positions, which are open to new and returning members.  Officers are elected by the EGSAC members at their first meeting in May before the summer break.  Members that are interested in a leadership position should prepare a 2 minute speech to give at the first meeting to inform the committee why they are interested and qualified for the position.


The Chair shall call EGSAC meetings as necessary and shall preside in all meetings. The Chair shall prepare the agenda for each meeting and sharing in with the committee beforehand. He/She shall oversee all functions of the EGSAC and is responsible for ensuring that all EGSAC duties and objectives are fulfilled according to the bylaws. The Chair is responsible for facilitating communication between the EGSAC and the various components of the College of Engineering. The Chair is also responsible for transferring all documented material for future EGSAC years, as well as, fully transitioning each position to new EGSAC board members. 


The Treasurer shall keep records of all financial transactions that take place in the name of the EGSAC. He/she shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget and work closely with Abby Dillingham ( in the Office of Engineering Graduate, Professional & Online Programs on all purchases. The Treasurer shall submit an annual financial report to the EGSAC on the last meeting in May.


The Secretary is responsible for scheduling the monthly EGSAC meetings, usually with the help of doodle polls. He or she is also responsible for taking notes at the meetings. Additionally, the Secretary takes on other organizational roles to assist with the Executive Board as necessary (i.e. drafting documents, scheduling board meetings, securing rooms for meetings, etc.).

Publicity Coordinator

The Publicity Coordinator works with the officers and members to promote the mission and events of EGSAC to the engineering graduate student body.  The coordinator also maintains the Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Additional responsibilities may include the creation of new publicity materials such as emails, flyers, and other announcements.

Funding Coordinator

The Funding Coordinator is responsible to seeking out opportunities for EGSAC to raise additional funds to help with various activities throughout the year and to secure additional funds to run a main event for the academic year.

Subcommittee Chair

The subcommittee leader is responsible for scheduling all meetings for their particular subcommittee. He/She will oversee all functions of their subcommittee and is responsible for ensuring that all their objectives and duties are fulfilled throughout the entire academic year. The subcommittee leader is responsible for all communication within the subcommittee and also all communication with the Chair and Board members for events and/or initiatives of their subcommittee. He/She is responsible for documenting and archiving all meetings and initiatives of the subcommittee.