2016-2017 Subcommittees

EGSAC Subcommittees for 2017-2018

Interdisciplinary Engagement

Statement of Purpose:  Create, organize, and promote activities with foster discussion and camaraderie amongst students of various departments, both in order to encourage broader intellectual discussions and to diversify and expand student social circles.

Committee Chair:  TBA

Committee Members:  Jennifer DeBellis, Stacie Chen, Nicole Jackson, Steve DiMarco, Tim Alston

Advocates for Underrepresented Minorities

Statement of Purpose:  Facilitate the integration of Diversity Advocates in different departments to ensure that uniform standards of inclusivity are met and best academic practices are performed.  Work directly with Diversity Advocates to acknowledge and find solutions for diversity related issues within engineering at Illinois.

Committee Chair:  Brandon Byers

Committee Members:  Brandon Byers, Stacie Chen, Lauren Logan, Tim Alston, Carlos Renteria, Hanna Schamis, Uzoma Nwabara

International Student Affairs

Statement of Purpose:  Learn about unique challenges facing international students and propose solutions to address such challenges or concerns.  Strive to foster intercultural relations, that is, close the cultural segregation gap.

Committee Chair:  TBA

Committee Members:  Jennifer DeBellis, Sree Kalyan Patiballa, Uzoma Nwabara

Quality of Life and Wellness

Statement of Purpose:  Promote and organize resources to build our community and improve the quality of life of engineering graduate students.  Assess the impact of day-to-day environments on the mental health of graduate students in the College of Engineering.

Committee Chair:  TBA

Committee Members:  Bill Davies, Shant Boodaghians, Sree Kalyan Patiballa, Varun Bardrinath Krishna