Department of English (paid)

Position Type: Intern

Position Title: Media-Content Developer (M-C Developer)

The English Department publicizes its activities, events, programs, and initiatives through a variety of publication media, including:

  • An annual paper newsletter for alumni
  • A website for a variety of audiences
  • An e-publication for alumni
  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Position Responsibilities

  1. Collect “raw” information for upcoming publications. Sources of information are likely to include faculty, peers, staff, alumni, et cetera. Collection methods are likely to include interviewing, photographing, digital recording, note taking, et cetera.
  2. Post “raw” information for upcoming publications in a media-content repository ¾ probably a wiki.
  3. Work with various members of the media-content work group to revise and edit “raw” information to make it suitable for a specific combination of audience + publication + desired consequence.
  4. Manage personal work schedule. The nature of the position will require an
    M-C Developer to schedule information-collection events and attend events sponsored by groups in the department. This scheduling will occur in the context of a set of priorities set forth by the supervisor of the M-C Developer.

Position Schedule: TBD. See “Position Responsibilities” above.

Average hours worked per week: 5 (about 75 hours over a semester)

Position Wage: $10/hour.

Supervisor: Bruce Erickson (Director, PPW)

¾  who will collaborate with other members the department’s media-content work group: Anna Ivy, Kristine McCoskey, Kirstin Wilcox, Tim Newcomb, and Michael Rothberg.

Position starts: Spring 2016

Recommended Skills & Characteristics

In no particular order:

  • Personal-time management
  • Curiosity
  • Planning
  • Interpersonal communicating ¾ written and verbal
  • Reliability
  • Story constructing
  • Pithy prose

To apply: email resume and application letter to Bruce Erickson ( by 5pm on Monday, Feb. 8.