Lit/Writing Nerds :: Pygmalion TECH??? Yes!

pygsnipMake no mistake, print is far from dead.


a lot of communicating (what we used to call “writing”) now takes place online, on platforms and in media that are continuously changing.  The savvy English or creative-writing graduate is answering ads for social media management or search engine optimization, job categories that barely existed 10 years ago; and the job those majors will do five years from now probably don’t yet have names.

You should get to know this world and the purposes for which it needs you.

Pygmalion TECH offers some excellent opportunities to do just that this weekend.  You can find the full line-up on their schedule (and of course, you should check out the excellent MUSIC and LIT offerings we well)!

Some TECH highlights to note:

Not convinced anyone wants you there?  The Pygmalion TECH festival pass is FREE to students with ID.