English/CW + [skills]

liberal-arts-skills_683x512This picture condenses a study from 2013, which you can read in its entirety here.

The study was put together by Burning Glass Technologies to advance their own agenda of selling big-data technology that will help people find jobs. But one doesn’t have to purchase their products or services to participate the takeaway here: that supplementing a liberal arts degree (like English or Creative Writing) with additional skills can make it easier to find a good job.

Courses (not to mention certificate programs, minors, and majors) are available in some of these areas, but employers are generally more impressed with achievements than paper credentials.

Your liberal arts major gives you experience in coming at problems from many different angles, finding creative solutions, learning fast, and working effectively with others. Those abilities can also help you use the resources around you to build the skills employers are looking for.

Programs like Illinois in Washington and Illinois Business Consulting can set you up with direct experience in using these skills, but there are many other options. Your part-time job, RSO leadership, campus or summer internship, blog, or volunteer service all offer opportunities to practice skills in marketing, social media, graphic design, data management, and business.

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