Careers in Communications

mjreillyJust this week at Beckman institute, researchers figured out ways to (1) remove salt from seawater, (2) get a prosthetic hand to communicate the sensation of touch to brain, and (3) make distracting things less distracting.  Next week, there will be a whole different set of mind-blowing research to tell the world about–and people will know about it because the Communications Office at Beckman Institute finds ways to introduce the world to the the great work being done over there.

Every business or organization needs to tell its story, in a number of ways and on different platforms.  That realm of endeavor often goes by the name “communications”–and humanities majors tend to be good at it.  Learn more on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 5 – 6 pm in EB 119, when Maeve Reilly, Director of Communications for the Beckman Institute wlll tell us about how she does it and the kinds of skills it entails.Beckman_Institute_-_UIUC_-_DSC09082

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