Week of April 1

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates. But hope everyone’s had a nice weekend.

So this week we’ll have a normal schedule and the project is a bit long with 2 demos and a project.

I’ve attached the info sheet, please take a look at it. (Dropbox)


Also, if anyone has pictures from EOH or any that they’ve taken during any EOS event, please email them to me

Week of 2/4

hope everyone enjoyed their super bowl Sundays, here’s this week’s announcements.

-Working on EOH project again and starting to build the vehicles, every group will get 2 sets of wheels and tickets to purchase supplies.
-Schedule is attached. Let your driver know if you can’t come on any day.
-E-week info:
Every year, Engineering societies/organizations make teams to compete in fun games called E-Week. Contact Sebastian (sbibat2@gmail.com) if you’re interested in getting in on the team. Here’s the information:

Where: Engineering Hall
When: Sunday, February 17th through Saturday, February 23rd
Contact: Patrick Kennedy (eweek@ec.illinois.edu)

Engineering Council E-Week Committee will be celebrating Engineer’s Week with a variety of different competitions, activities, and corporate events to celebrate the accomplishments of engineers

Engineers Week has been celebrated since 1951 when it was started by the National Society of Professional Engineers. This year, thousands of engineers, including students, teachers, and professionals will celebrate Engineers Week 2013 from February 17th to 23rd. We highly encourage all EC societies, students groups, or groups of friends to put together either a 5-man or 10-man team. Bring your game face and join us for the best week of the year! Sign up on the E-Week Website

also from Stu:
I know we’re going to be short wheels at least for today and maybe tomorrow because I cleared out Hobby Lobby’s supply but they assured me that more were coming in today or tomorrow.

If you guys have any issues or questions at all in the classroom with the projects please please contact me either via email, text, or Facebook message.

Week of January 28

Welcome back to EOS everyone! We’re heading back to the classroom this week. I’ve attached the new schedule as well as the project sheet for this week.

We’re gonna be starting the Engineering Open House project this week and it should be a pretty easy visit as the kids will mostly be brainstorming and designing their amphibious vehicles.

Let me know personally if any big questions come up from the the students or if you guys are unsure of what’s going on.


Week of 11/5

As always, hope everyone’s weekend was enjoyable

this week:
-Paper structures (document)
-Prairie on Friday at 12:30 (expect an email from Ellen)

Also, Stu will be holding an EOH meeting probably the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. So brainstorm some projects that the kids can do for about 4 weeks and that can be a competition at EOH

Week of 8/29

Another fun week ahead in EOS:
-It’s demo day in the classrooms (document)
-4 stations that the kids rotate between
-If you’re interested in helping out with College Mentor for Kids, there’s still opportunities on Thursdays 4-5:30

Happy Halloween everyone

Announcements for the Week of October 22

  • This week is density bottles (document)
  • We will be going to Prairie classrooms on Thursday and Friday at 12:30pm (contact Ellen if you’re still interested)
  • Meeting on Wednesday @ 8pm in Engineering Hall 112
  • Opportunity to get involved with College Mentors for Kids (again, contact Ellen if you’re interested)