Poetry and others

Welcome! Do you like poetry? What can poetry help you to learn more? Can even poetry help you to learn more? Well, the learner only has the power to answer that question. 🙂

My goal on this page is to introduce some poetry, proverbs, maxims, and other linguistic references that speak directly to the moral education among the Wolof people and the Senegalese in general. Some are from random authors and others from published works. Hope you will enjoy them :).

1- Jikkó ju baax rekk ay sax


2- Nàmm xel, tàggat jikkó

NB: These are recordings of a collection of reflections on moral character by Góór gi Usmaan Gëy. The book is called “Nàmm xel, tàggat jikkó”, which can mean in English “Sharpen your mind and train your character (to be better)”.

I recorded them in slow speed hoping that it can be useful for anybody interested in these kinds of things in general. The following is an example. To access the full playlist, click here.

3- Yaay, sunu

NB: This one is a tribute to the universal mother :). Well, it’s a tribute any child would want to do for the person who gave birth to them. I hope it will make sense for the listener.


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