Online activities

Ayubés 1


Ayubés 2


Ayubés 3 (Podcast 1)


Ayubés 5 (Podcast 2)

  1. Imagine this context. A restaurant. People ordering food, drinks?!
  2. Suppose it is in Senegal. Think of ceebu-jën, maafe, yaasa-ginaar, etc.
  3. They pay, they chat, they ….?!
  4. Imagine wahtever you think these pictures could mean.
  5. THEN record a 3-minute podcast about, basically, whatever you belive is taking place in these pictures.
  6. Think of yourself as you are doing some creative writing.


Ayubés 7 (Podcast 3)

Talk about songs, singers, and types of music and songs you know and prefer.

  • Waykat yu nga xam.
  • Waykat yu nga gëna bëgg.
  • Way yu nga xam ak yu nga gëna bëgg.
  • Lu tax?
  • Yan xeeti way nga bëgg? (What types of song, music?)
  • Wax nañu ci lan? What are the songs talking about?